Thursday, 23 October 2008


Photogram, discription of gererational influence
photograms from the darkroom scanned and layered in gimp,
Linn, leen, n. f. a generation, age, ministration, incumbency or time in office, race, offspring; family; ri linn do sheanmhair, i.e. during the time of your grandmother, ie long, long ago; is iomadh linn a chuir thu romhad, you sent many a generation before you; deireadh linn, youngest, last of a family; anns na linntean deireanach, in the latter days; o linn gu linn, from generation to generation


Uist is a mostly treeless landscape with only small plantations, a single tree here and there that has set seed against the odds, battered by the Atlantic winds and bleached by the sun they can produce the most wonderful shapes sometimes only a few branches bloom, coming back year after year, the rest has succumbed, the dead wood plays host to moses and lichens, they remind me so much of my culture and language.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Aisling - dream - Sounds of the City ~ Scent of the Sea

I want to capture an image of a place I go, a space with no time and multiple planes of existence coincide at once, what hasn't been said can be said and what hasn't been done can be done.

Representative of the conflicts that go on inside my head, spirituality versus science.

People that are no longer here, imprinted on the land, their energy is eternal.

My image is a pinhole image the negative has been exposed three times, a collage of images though not in the conventional sense