Thursday, 23 October 2008


Photogram, discription of gererational influence
photograms from the darkroom scanned and layered in gimp,
Linn, leen, n. f. a generation, age, ministration, incumbency or time in office, race, offspring; family; ri linn do sheanmhair, i.e. during the time of your grandmother, ie long, long ago; is iomadh linn a chuir thu romhad, you sent many a generation before you; deireadh linn, youngest, last of a family; anns na linntean deireanach, in the latter days; o linn gu linn, from generation to generation


ChambersoftheSea said...

Your photographs continue to leave me quite breathless. They are very, very beautiful. Dreamlike. I hope you keep posting them.

Digital Dakini said...

I kept searching your image for Linn, and I saw vessels, a lighted candle, shadows and shapes, and then I realized that it is in those objects that I found her, and that your piece is a portrait. Are you familiar with the still lifes of Giorgio Morandi.
His deliberately simple compositions of vessels speak volumes. His paintings are in a current show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I think you would enjoy them

Digital Dakini said...

Oh, how did I miss that Linn in Gaelic means a time past and not a specific person at all - knowing this now, could this image still be function as a portrait of the past?
What are the possibilities for the portrait genre?

Margaret Joan MacIsaac said...

The objects used were found or passed down; with the possibility of micro DNA being present, the representation could be physical as well as metaphorical, the layering is representative of how denotation and connotations can be passed on trough subsequent generations, this was representative of how native cultures and languages were suppressed and tried to be exterminated, not for equality’s sake but to create a subservient class. suppression of language then became a perpetual connotation handed down through people themselves that their language and culture was not conducive with progression and education.

Rita G said...

Your work has such a dreamy quality. It seems to have it's own existence between time and place which to me feels like a very personal recording of experience for you.

tovias8 said...

I LOVE love this image. I love this so much that I wonder if you have a flickr account or similar so that I could find a way to get a copy of it. It is so beautiful!